In mid-September, like I do with every piece of writing I'd like to save, I bring out a guitar and music memo app on my iPhone and see what comes out in that particular moment. I had been thumbing through a database of potential ideas for songs. Most of my ideas come from scripture references and personal stories that affect me and all I had written for this relatively old note under the NKJV version of John 14:1 was:

"Attitude of the heart, anchoring a weary soul in peace and God confidence." 

I had read John 14:1 and there's just this attitude that comes with listening to yourself as yourself preaches at... yourself. Sometimes we need things repeated to sink in and I kept coming back to the thought of the heart itself. It's the heart, not the problems that surround. And so I began writing from that perspective.  Matt 11:28, John 4, Psalm 41:12, John 14:1, and Romans 2:4 set on the idea that an untroubled heart doesn't come from untroubling circumstances, but peace flowing from the understanding God is kind to us despite the circumstances; that He stands us up tall unhindered in His presence so that we can look Him in the eye without shame or embarrassment; to remind us that He's with us at every turn and in every way.

Within minutes, the entire song was written. I actually had to go back and listen to what I had sang because it just flowed out. That rarely happens. I still rewrote a couple of minor things but all in all I hope the song leaves us with an attitude, not a lyric. 

I included a snippet of the original recording so you can hear the minor changes I made on the fly from the first to last half of the chorus.

He gives us kindness and we get to leave with His peace.