Would you believe me if I said that this picture was taken on an iPhone? Well, it was. Matt always told me that great things come from small beginnings. In this case, we were starting small. Knowing myself, I can be a little bit of a perfectionist. I did not know where to start with creating an album graphic, but I went with it.


In the process of talking about how we were going to create the album cover, the question of "how" kept on coming up in my head. We had the concept, but the "how" was a struggle. Between the both of us, we didn't have the necessary equipment to execute the project the way we wanted to. So it challenged us both to use what we had in our hands, literally. 


As the deadline to submit the graphic was approaching, I had to schedule a time and place to shoot Matt. From past daily adventures, I picked a spot that had a variety of backdrops that could potentially make the cover great. Once we got to the place, Matt whipped out his guitar and I started taking pictures. I was rushing a bit, as time passed, because the sun was setting quick. I took a bunch before I told Matt to just lean on the brick wall (which was a "spur of the moment" idea). Then it was a wrap.


Editing. I thought to myself, "What software should I edit the pictures on"? When I edit my own pictures for Instagram, I use VSCO. And for me, I usually go with my gut as to which picture to post. Since all the pictures were on my phone, I thought it was the easiest and most efficient way. I edited the top 10 pictures and disliked all of them except for one. That one picture is the one that's on the album cover. I then went on Photoshop to add the text, and BAM! The final product was ready to be sent.

It was a fun learning experience heading into a world of the unknown. These small challenges will help us with the bigger challenges. Even though it wasn't to the quality I wanted, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I never had to create a graphic to be seen by many (on any music outlets). So I think it's pretty cool. 

On to the next project!