There's just something about launching out into an unknown area for the first time. It's exciting, scary and definitely requires confidence and faith- believing God for the things unseen, as it were. (2nd Corinthians 4:18)

I've always loved and have been intimidated by the creative process. There's always been the excuse of why I shouldn't do something creatively.  Too risky, scary, expensive, not good enough, not enough resources, __________.  But just like all of us, we've been given the pen of our lives to write our story into one greater, if we want. 

Using my "pen" means to encourage other creatives to write great stories in their creative process. I hope to do it by being bold and vulnerable with releasing my own projects and by encouraging a local collective of others doing the same. Beginning creatives need encouragement and a lot of it.  It's amazing where you can end up as the result of one person's encouragement. So if you're a creative with any sort of ear for music or eye for design, photography, or cinematography, you might like what's to follow in the future at in-house Creative. Maybe you might be inspired to give that little side project of yours a shot, and if so, I hope you'd reach out to us. We're only here to encourage!

I hope you'd find encouragement in a few things:

1. You're not alone. While your journey is personal and yours, we can do it together. Would you think about reaching out? 

2. You're better than you think you are. If your commitment is to the process over the product, there's no telling what can flow from your potential!

Keep your creativity in-house,