One thing I've always wanted to do is go through an entire songwriting process from end to end in a digital delivery platform. So, I set about this project back in April of this year as a way to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  Here's what I did:

From the song's idea, to the melody, chord structure, lyrics, hooks, and ultimate arrangement and instrumentation choices and being good enough to trying playing and singing on the track.

Making mic choices, recording the instruments with what I had in my hand, choosing takes, mixing and making editing decisions like hiding (as much as I could, anyways) all the mistakes! So many mistakes. :) Because I limited the arrangement to only a few acoustics, a piano and bass, it didn't get too out of hand.

Post Production
I read a few books and have a few buddies who've been through this process, but to register as a songwriter with American Songwriter, Composer, Author and Publisher (ASCAP) with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization), registering as a publisher (in-house Creative) with the same PRO, not to mention the distribution company that's put the single on 200 markets, multiple countries, there's a lot of details. Case in point: I had already published the song on iTunes before I remembered I hadn't done something as basic as copyrighting the song with the Library of Congress! (That's since been fixed, by the way.)

All in all, it's been a fun process and now that it's much easier after you've made a path once, there's less excuse than ever to continue in the process. 

I'm doing this all in my spare time and I hope it encourages you with your own projects. 

Hope you enjoy the single! You can find it anywhere music is sold and streamed.




For the things believed,  and yet unseen
Faith is found in Christ alone
Hope is held in Him, in His Victory
He overcame every shame in us


Where there is no way except to pray
‘Let thy Kingdom come on earth’
Oh just sing the Name above all other names
We’ll lift our hearts surrendered all to our King


Jesus Hope of the world
Crucified raised to life


I’ll believe God for all that He’s promised
I’ll believe God for all who He is
In light of his mercy, His Son’s risen Glory
I’ll believe God, Yes I’ll believe God


We can trust everything that He’s promised
He’s never failed in what He said He would do
He’s never once forgotten us, He bore the cross
He overcame, He overcame