What a few years it’s been in the life of the team here at InHouseCrtv. We’ve all moved, changed multiple jobs, all of us have changed churches; we’ve taken on new skill sets, sowed into family and friends, and the website has just sat in the background collecting digital dust.

We make absolutely no apologies! Life is messy.

So is Creativity. It’s two steps forward for every step back. Sometimes it’s even 15 steps back just to go one.

It’s healthy things that grow and so our roots have only deepened and spread into a wider base beneath the surface. Roots for holding heavier things. Roots for growing taller to live at the height of ourselves. I’m fine with our team taking the break and having the rest.

Our best creativity is from a place of rest, not from a place of striving. In-house Creative creates best from that place.

But Rest does not equal Creativity. And so we wake up to begin to articulate the things that God has done in us- in our rest, in our valleys.

Creative for the love of it.