In three of my FireFighter Safety and Survival training evolutions at work, we're given the task of rescuing a downed fire fighter that's "unconscious" . In a dark environment, it requires all of us to be fully geared and 'on air', operate a handline (fire hose) for protection and use multiple rescuers. Even with those limitations, we're still able to accomplish the task together through either brute strength or through applying mechanical advantage that helps us work smarter.

After we accomplish the scenario, we're given a few minutes to rest and hydrate and then we do the same exact scenario again, except that they take away only one thing from us.  This one thing was just as important as our gear, our training and our brothers. The same exact scenarios that we completed successfully without any prior experience now became impossible even though we had just completed it successfully. It took several retry's before we extricated our fire fighter mannequin.

That one thing they took from us was vision. (They did this by giving us face pieces that had an opaque lining in it.)

I'm convinced in life, it's infinitely harder to accomplish anything if you remove the one ingredient of vision.  The Bible speaks to this in Proverbs 29:18 when it tells us that "Where there is no vision, the people perish".  Even if you've done something before but no longer have a way to visualize doing it, trouble certainly occurs. 

Having vision does a few things: It gives us:

  1. Direction
  2. Motivation & Inspiration
  3. Focus and purpose

Creatively, you may not have the gear/tools, the positive influences, or the know-how, but if you have vision, you can overcome any limitation or barrier in your path.  The process of seeing yourself doing what you'd like to one day be doing is the first step to anything and it shouldn't be ignored.

I encourage you to connect with us if you need help or just some friends on the same journey. We simply do this for the love of it, and we do it with the purpose we want to get better at the creativity we've been given to cultivate. 

What do you see for your future?