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A Wedding Production

A Wedding Production

Wedding videos culminate a lot of cinematic techniques that not only captures moments but tells stories. Of course, you may have your own style and technique in the production of your videos but I’d like to share some of my own...

Making of the "Let There Be Light" Video

Making of the "Let There Be Light" Video

I know this is long overdue, but here it goes…

People have come up to me and ask what camera we used. And to everyone’s amazement, they were always surprised. Well, to answer the question, we used an iPhone. We had to use what we had in our hands. Remember what I said last time, small beginnings. With a big project, we had to start small yet again. As Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


Equipment. That was the first thing that came to mind. What cameras, lights, and stabilizers were we going to use? The only camera that the team and I had were our phones. As time passed, people heard of our project and they let us borrow equipment. Can someone say blessings on blessings on blessings?! But there were still challenges. For example, we had lights, but no diffuser. (Skipping ahead here) During production, we had to set the lights in a way where it wasn’t harsh and looked over-exposed. But the team made the best of what we had.


The next question was when… (insert thinking emoji). We all were in a transition season, so scheduling a time when everyone can come together was another challenge. But we found a day and the magic started to happen. Shooting Day. Everyone got together, got setup, then LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! We used two cameras and did 6 whole run-throughs. Initially we had one shooter, but the team stepped up. One camera was a still shot, while the other was a moving shot. Then it was a wrap! (Sidenote: when we work together as a team, greatness happens)


Man, this one was a personal challenge. Editing is the fun part. I love it, but it was getting all the shots. For some apparent reason, some of them were not coding correctly into the editing software. When I imported it, it would be audio only and not the video. I’m thinking, “How can I edit a video without the video”? I got frustrated big time. But I’m a half glass full kind of person, so I asked for help, researched, etc. Still couldn’t get it, until I prayed. Guys, prayer works. After I prayed, I tried one more thing that I can think of, and it worked! (Praise break) Then edited the final touches and the final product was ready.

I live for challenges! (not really.. quoting someone from a movie) In all honesty, challenges = growth, and who doesn’t want to grow? Yes, growth is scary and stretching. But growth is what makes endless possibilities, as an individual and a team. So excited for future projects. Bring it on! (not the movie though..)